Saturday, December 31, 2016

Off-roading = Flat tire

This week has been amazing!Displaying image2.JPG
A great way to start of the week was to have a temple Conference with my fellow missionaries that I serve around and with! I love them Temple so much! I felt much peace and love there! Even outside while we were walking to and from it. We were also able to see a slide show of all the baptisms that happened this year. It was a " White Christmas "!

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We also were able to hear from President and Sister Jardine- they shared a lot of words of wisdom and their testimonies. I love them so much! We heard form two missionaries about building and strengthening their relationships with Jesus Christ. One of them was a sister that I used to serve with and she is such an amazing sister! Then we had lunch and I got to see a member of one of the old wards that I used to serve in. He was making a memory picture, video scrapbook for the Jardines and so he interviewed me to share something for them. 

Displaying image4.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGIt was cool because he also interviewed my companion and my former companion when I did serve there. It was so great to see all, the missionaries and see how they are doing!  Through out the week was busy! We were running around to members, investigators and such. We had to release one of our investigators because she wasn't wanted to get it. It was so sad because we laid everything out and we provided guidance but she didn't want to take it. I guess you can lead a horse to water but can make it drink it.

On Friday we got to meet up with the Folsom missionaries and the senior missionaries to get our presents. President came in with a hat that sings a moves, Sister Jardine wore reindeer antlers, APs wore elf hats. They sure do know how to make us laugh. Sister Jardine, shared a few words and President Jardine share this story of shined shoes. I loved it but I don't have enough time type it up... sorry it was really good. Shout out to all those you sent me cards and presents, and wishes for a Merry Christmas! I am so thankful and feel very blessed! Love ya'll tons!    

On Christmas Eve we were able to eat dinner with the Krugers, who are from Norway and Denmark.   So we had a dishes from their county. Love them so much! 

Image result for pete's dragonWe also were able to watch a movie that 
President and Sister Jardine picked out. 
It was Pete's Dragon!! It was really good !  
We read a letter from President and sister Jardine too. 
I loved how no matter what -- our faith in our Heavenly Father is strong and we will do anything to help him and anything at all. 
Just like Pete and Elliot.  
hat friendship he built with Elliot could not be broken, 
just like my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father!  

To top off the week we had a great Sunday service 
but I also got to skype my family!
I love them soooooo much! 
They all have grown up so much and 
look so different! They have helped me out a ton and I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to see and talk with them. It was fun to sing the Hyde family song with them. 

("We are the Hyde family  -- we are the Hyde family and we like to party ... we like to party.   Party hardy... allllll night long.  To the left ... to the left... to the left right ... get on down and stop and beat your face... Hyde family is gonna rock this place.  Boom! Check us out.  Check us out.  BOOM   BOOM CHECK US OUT!") --It is an adaptation to a military cadence

My cousin Preston was there too, that was fun! He was talking to my cousins and uncle and it was cool to see them! I love my family! 

After that we went out to work and share messages about our Savior's birth! 

Some members had this fun game and we started to play it.... 
My brain froze every time he asked a question like the very first one I totally blanked! 

We went to dinner at the Oldfeilds'  -- 
Brother Oldfeild helped us out by pumping  up our tire --  which was super low. 
It probably was because, we'd earlier, went off-roading get to this one members house. That was tons of fun.  
But it kindof kicked us in the rear ends because today, after grocery shopping, when 

we came out of the parking lot we looked at our tire and it was completely flat! 
We jacked it up and then this nice Jehovah Witness took care of the rest. 

We then went the back roads to this one tire place. When we go there it was closed...... what a fun day!

We made it back to the meeting -- and played a zone sports and reverse charades with the Zone! It was so much fun!

Hurrah for Israel!

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