Sunday, December 18, 2016

Turkey Bombs, Facebook and Different Points of View

This week has been crazy! 
It seems that I always say that in every weekly later. 
Oops oh well. 

A lot of things have happened this week some great some not so good,
but the outlook of life gets me through. 

First, my companion Sister Munk hit her year mark -- 
so now she is one of the oldest sister missionaries in the mission! 
Time goes by so fast because I remember when she came in! 
It is crazy that time flies by so fast when you work for the Lord! 

We have been biking a lot trying to find people to teach, 
we had some close encounters with some that seemed interested 
then turned out to be just nice people but not ready yet.

We started reading the Book of Mormon with the Harris family.  I love reading the Book of Mormon with recent converts and their family.  I think it is amazing that we were all reading together but different things stood out for each of us. 

Like in 1 Nephi 2  -- Sister Harris liked verse 9 b/c she needs to be firm in the gospel for her kids. 
Sister Munk liked verse 3- being obedient unto the word of God, and I liked verse 19 where we need to be humble and rely on the Lord always. 

It is amazing that a book written so long ago can touch us in different ways for different people now. 

On Wednesday, we did Fair Oaks park service and it was a lot of work! 
It is always nice to pick up a shovel or another thing. We pretty much spread wood all over the place. Let's just say my arms and torso were really sore after we were done. 

So for Thanksgiving, the zone,  gets to do service together --  so we got with the zone leaders to see what service opportunities we can do. It was fun trying to look for things in our stake boundaries. We might get to do some activities with the elderly! That will be tons of fun! 

Thursday was eventful! Our mission was chosen to pilot Facebook. 
The representatives of the social media online proselytizing came to see how it is going. We were informed to be there at a specific time because we were chosen to be in the board interview.  It was really nice to talk about the impact it has made on our missionary efforts here and what things we can do to make it better -- Like how we have used it in our areas, 
what are some things that the program can improve on to help missionaries know what to do to use social media better etc.. 
The people conducting the interview were really funny and nice people.

After that whole thing was over we had district meeting and it was great! Our district leader is Elder Calvert from Alabama and this is his first time being a district leader.  He was awesome!! The focus of the meeting was on patience with others and boy!... was that a revelation for me! I need to be more patient  -- but it really helped me for the rest of the week because more than 
normal everyone seemed was really rude!! Maybe they just had a bad four day weekend but .... yup. 

We had exchanges with the Ashton Park sisters -- Sister Kaufusi came here with me! 
She is a ball of open sunshine and super happy to just bear her testimony to anyone we teach. 
It is always nice to be biking then her hear laughing or singing behind me. 
She just makes me smile! 

We tried to go see this potential investigator, yesterday, Elaine
aaaannnnd... it didn't go well. 

We knocked on the door and this guy opened it  -- and suddenly 
we smelled alcohol and Mary Jane.  Not a good smell at all. 
Who are you he said... we are missionaries ... ohhh....( in my mind - oh no!) 
Ok let me see...What are you mormons....yes we are ... WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE happens when you die? (started to tell him)  
No, what do YOU believe?  What do YOU believe?
Oh, whatever  -- you know I love meeting happy people 
and you are not (pointing at me)-- You are serious and a little bit sad.
I can see that in your life. Then he points at Sister Munk ... you are just straight up serious, not happy, not sad, just serious about life. 
That will be good for a news caster. 
He goes on for about ten minutes.. 
of how he knows the how and what we are -- 
we tried stopping him to bear a quick testimony and be on our way 
but ... then he said that we are not on a journey cause we born into it
-- we are brainwashed! 

The whole time he was talking -- I just stared into his eyes with a smile on my face and said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father for him to know that He loves him. He finally let us leave after saying that our religion is a waste.  

We have met a lot of people that weren't interested.  
It just made me really sad to see them not have 
the blessings I enjoy in this life.

Enough on those events! 

Oh! We almost got turkey bombed! 
We were walking to our car and all of a sudden 
one flies right in front of us and we run away  
--- so! My life flashed before my eyes!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃!!!  I am so grateful for everything! 
I can not say the smallest part of what I feel. Thank you to ya'all!!

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