Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hey Dad!!

My companion is scarring me! Since it is Halloween month she is funny
but loves to scare me. Love her so much.

I hope you can see the video.

Watching the Native American dancing reminds me of when we went to Little Big Horn -- you did a rain dance 
AND THEN a few minutes later it poured down rain. 
That is one memory that I can not forget!

Some of the bishopric found out that I liked the Bulldogs and they
have been making comments about how they are doing and the Braves,  They are having fun. 

My Tongan is getting better too.

This is what I have almost every weekend at a members home... They

can't wait to feed me horse?! This was at a missionary return party
There were 16 pigs, a lot of crabs, huge lobsters, and tons of traditional food. 
(guess I don't have to worry about her being fed)
They had my favorite Oi Tai-mango -etc.

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