Thursday, October 15, 2015

The power of a song...

So we are trying to reactivate members and trying to strengthen members
too and have them become familiar with our investigators.. So we are
setting appointments with everyone for family home evenings through out the
week and it has been amazing. We are gaining so much trust with them!!
Member work is so important!!

This clip of the video is just a taste of what this one family can do.

I am trying to memorize it! Love At Home! 
Being there,  with this huge family, 
made me remember mine and reminds me that I know families can be
together forever because of the knowledge restored through the Gospel.

We have a brand new investigator! She is a single mom of six and such an amazing lady. 
Her husband past away last year and she said that even though she is going
 through this trail she knows that our Heavenly Father loves her- 
that why we were sent to her!  Hearing her say that meant a lot and reconfirmed
why I came out here.  To share the happiness I have in my life from the Gospel to 
those who don't!  I love it. 

General Conference was amazing, I keep reading and thinking about
Elder Utchdorf's talk "It Works Wonderfully".  The gospel really does... work  -- 
I don't know who I would have been without it in my life.

I have been reading about our Savior's life in the New Testament and a
few days ago I read in Matthew 26 how before Jesus Christ went into
the the garden of Gethsemane he and the apostles sang a hymn.
I love singing hymns it really does bring the spirit. We were out trying to 
find this former investigator, they weren't home and we do not get back 
in to the car unless we get a referral or we talk to someone. So we went 
to a house couple a doors down were thee two teen girls were playing 
volleyball- we beat them.  They wanted us to sing, and so we sang a 
song that Sister Lavea remixed and they loved it! Then we sang a hymn 
and that really brought in the Spirit. We have a appointment this Wednesday 
... and we came to find out that that former investigator we had been looking
for... he is their grandpa!

We were in this one part of town  -- trying to see someone -- and there
were tons of high school students all around.  We couldn't drive

on the street! A man and a women told us to get out of the area -- 
They said there was a drive by shooting just a few hours earlier
and all the gangs are out fighting.  
(an answer to numberless prayers for her safety)
They said we looked really nice and
had seen our tags so they told us to go. 
They watched as we turned around and seemed
nice so... We are going back to their house on Thursday
 Its a small world --
He is from GA and used to live off of Stone Mtn Blvd! So Cool.

We had a ward missionary fireside yesterday and it was soooooooo gooooood!!!!
This Ward is going to do great for missionary work. The spirit was so
strong when we were teaching the Restoration. I love serving a mission
here in Sacrament California. It still is hot here but the night is
cooling off. I love reading about our Savior and what he did for us!!

Thank you everyone that emailed me this week it was super busy and
tiring- sepia ally Tuesday and Wednesday because last Monday, P-day I
got hit in the head three times- a football, basketball and a rugby ball. 
It was hard to read and stay awake 
(Rebecca insert) Can you say concussion?  
Again, I guess this is another reason why we pray for her safety.) 
but with the strength of Lord and words form home I feel tons better. 
So thank you! Hope you'all have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Hyde

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